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can triple glazing save me money ? simple answer is yes yes /or no no / or maybe ? its not a easy question to answer but i will try explain it a bit so you might be able to make your own mind up . If your 7 windows and 2 doors cost 5000 in double glazed then you should expect to pay up to 6000 for the lot done in triple glazed ,not to bad you might think !! well  if you had gone with the good double glazed window you should be making a saving on heating cost of about 350/ 400 per year (  check out my energy saver calculator on home page ) now if you pay an extra thousand euro to triple glaze you will probably   expect to save between 370 and 420 per year so it never pays back for it self over the life of the windows where the double glazed will have paid for them self after 15 years ( if you were lucky enough to buy a window that would last that long ) . however if  its 2 degrees outside  a single pane window it will be 3 inside where if you stand beside a good double glazed window on the same day it will be 16 degrees inside as the heat does not escape as much but triple  glazed would be 18 or 19 inside if fitted proper  but you decide if its worth a  extra grand to be sitting at 18 or 16 degrees. one more thing to keep in mind is that triple glazed is so heavy it is very hard on the life of the hinges and at 40 euro a pair the triple glazing just gets  dearer and dearer and maybe a call out charge on top of that  as most companies only give 1 year guarantee on moving parts .