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Double Glazed Windows Expert | Wicklow & Wexford

Check out our energy saver calculator  on the home page ( most people have 20 square meters  of glass in their house so just put 20 into the box and follow the next steps to see how much year in year out you can save) .  Some people try to save money on double glazing by cutting corners, taking the cheap option. For example, they may buy double glazing without a guarantee or any certification of the performance of the windows. 

You should  be saving about 300 to 400 a year once you learn how to control your heating  for example turn it off earlier as the heat will stay in the house much longer . Dont turn it on as early in the morning as the house will warm up much quicker . set your  thermostat  down lower as you dont need as much heat in the rooms now its not seeping out through the glass . If you decide to sell it will be worth more . I will get you better rental prices  and better BER rating .